My Miniblog

In the life of a writer, sometimes lots of things happen all at once, and sometimes, nothing happens at all. Here is my mini blog: Everything I can write when I have a free minute.

Off to New York

I thought about this for a long time, but after many years in Atlanta, I am going to move to New York soon. This is quite a challenge for me and I am anxious to find out how this city is going to influence my work. Maybe there is going to be a new Edward Laba soon, with a big city sound.

Old Dog, New Dog

Unfortunately, this is how these things go. Even the most faithful companions part with us at some point. My beloved Missy had to be put to sleep. I am very sad, but soon, I believe I will look for a new companion.

I Got Married

The day was glorious and Reverend Tatler married us amidst our closest friends and family. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.


Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!